SmartRink offers the BEST glide on synthetic ice!

Japan public skate rink

SmartRink with hockey markings

Hockey markings are not painted on, they are built right into the surface

SmartRink outdoor installation

SmartRink customer showing pride in the Olympics. It's hockey time, let's skate!

Synthetic ice under the lights

Enjoy hockey all year round outdoors at night on synthetic ice surface

Outdoor game played on SmartRink

Refs and players love SmartRink

Let us find you the best solution for your skating needs

Public skating

Ice skate with friends and family

Indoor SmartRink

SmartRink with boards, glass and hockey net. Can't get much better!

Former Pro Figure Skater Robert Strong

Robert was invited to skate at the White House in 1980. Click on link above to view webpage.

Michelle Kwan Marina Bay Sands

Michelle Kwan skating at Marina Bay Sands
SmartRink's ProFast series are sinter pressed synthetic ice panels which produces a far superior skating experience than extruded panels. Awesome glide, check out our videos!