Synthetic Ice USA is proud to sell the SmartRink brand of premium ProFast synthetic ice. This world renowned material delivers uncompromising performance gives you the synthetic ice skating experience that you expect.

Practice at home or from Anywhere

Realistic training at home is now possible with Synthetic Ice USA as your training partner. Footwork, edges, puck handling, spins, jumps - whatever you need to work on you can do on our synthetic ice.

Goalie Training

Practice slides, shuffles, and pushes on our premium Goal Creases

Hockey Boards

Light duty home products to heavy duty full size commercial dasher boards solutions

Community Rinks

Affordable community rinks, seasonal or permanent

Let us find you the Best Solution

For your skating Needs

OUR Products

Size: 24″ x 36″ x 5/16″
Color: Ice-Y-Blue
Glide: 24 feet
Warranty: 1-Year

Ideal for small-scale home rinks or shooting pads

Size: 39″ x 39″ x 5/16″
Color: Bright White
Glide: 32 feet
Warranty: 5-Year

Ideal for medium-sized home rinks           (10′ x 20′)

Size: 39″ x 39″ x 5/16″
Color: Ice-Y-Blue
Glide: 40 to 50+ feet
Warranty: Lifetime Use

Ideal for larger inside home rinks due to glide length

Former Pro Figure Skater

Robert Strong
Figure Skater

"There are several brands of synthetic ice – and they are not the same! Most are quite disappointing, having short glide spans, and severely and quickly dull blades. SmartRink is the best surface, providing skating that virtually equals skating on real ice: the longest glide, maneuverability; and blade edges last longest on it."
~Robert Strong

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