Figure Skating

Figure Skating on the best Synthetic Ice!

SmartRink ProFast Series is a top notch training tool for figure skaters!

Resistance Training

SmartRink automatically provides Resistance Training (almost unaware to the skater!). With a small % less speed and length-span of glide, skaters will exert a bit more muscle force than they do on real ice–but will achieve exactly the same end result. Muscles develop extra performance strength on SmartRink which translates into more speed, higher jumps, faster spins with more revolutions on real ice! You will notice this effortless ease on real ice–and so do spectators who are amazed at what they observe. Former Pro Figure Skater, Robert Strong, has on-lookers that call his spins “a Tornado” and say that he clears the hockey boards when he jumps.

Toe Jumps

SmartRink gives toe-jump take offs a flawless advantage. 33% of toe jumps fail when toe picks take a huge chunk out of brittle, real ice which aborts propelling the take-off. Expected power is lost–the triple jump reduces to a double or single instead. 10 % of these chunk-jabs cause a stumble or fall, and some result in injuries. NO toe jumps jab a chunk out of SmartRink – ever! A perfect launch propels clean toe jump take-offs on SmartRink–EVERY TIME!

Eliminate Brittle Ice

Brittle ice at ice rinks also hinders the most powered, high speed edge jumps (Salchow & Loop). Brittle real ice often gouges deep, destroying take off edges for triples which must abort to doubles, singles, stumbles or falls. Smartrink NEVER gouges. Instead, it provides a uniform consistent surface, for clean take-off edges. A jump may fail due to skater’s error–never because of surface defect.

Eliminate Real Ice Failures

Real ice contributes to failed maneuvers–even when the skater has made no error! SmartRink adds no errors–failures are always due to mistakes in skaters’ techniques–not due to surface flaws. Real ice has quirks and inconsistencies. In contrast, SmartRink has no errors built into the surface itself to thwart otherwise flawless executions by the skaters.

Builds Stamina!

Frequent practices on SmartRink builds a very high level of stamina!

“Whatever my speed and spin revolution count is on SmartRink, it has increased 25% for the same spins done on real ice. Spins are at a blur speed (“Tornado”) and I have more revolutions on real ice. Resistance Training accounts for this delightful increase!”

“Before I purchased my SmartRink surface, the only workouts I had were infrequent, at the rink. I experienced fatigue, and was whooped after one hour! My muscles were sore, and needed recovery after. Now, I am in shape! My body and muscles are ready! I skate the full 2 hour session, and have to get off the ice —even though I’m not tired yet–or get run over by the Zamboni!”

Robert Strong
Former Professional Figure Skater