Hockey Players

 Synthetic Ice for Hockey Players

Hockey players build strength & endurance playing on SmartRink Synthetic Ice Imodio!

Outdoor game on Smartrink

Outdoor game on Smartrink

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Hockey Players get unlimited ice time with SmartRink Lotto!

When hockey players have the advantage of practicing on their own SmartRink synthetic ice, they will become a stronger player quicker.  Having extra ice time will be essential in building endurance, skills, techniques, speed, using edges properly, transitions, backwards skating, small game situations and much more Java file download.

When players become more skilled and are mentally able to slow the game down, they make better choices in timing, shooting, passing and become an ultimate player for their team.   Unlimited ice time can get a hockey player to a much higher skill level!

Hockey players learn a lot of skills during their hockey practice, although there is not enough time for repetition to master the drill/skill.  SmartRink home ice gives players the advantage to practice the drill/skill until an expert.

Create your own special hockey move and practice it until you master it.  With home ice advantage, you have the capability to be as creative as you want.  You will have the upper edge in a game.

SmartRink offers an NHL size surface with goalie creases, lines and dots inlaid (not painted) into the surface.  Have a hockey game in the desert or in a tropical environment.

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