Goalie Training

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Goalie Training on Synthetic Ice: 8′ x 15′

On a budget for skating and practicing skills at home?   We have our Budget-Ice, with or without a goal crease, that is ideal for a small home rink either outdoors, garage, basement, barn or any solid, level and smooth surface.  Ideal for hockey players, goalies, figure skaters and recreational G-power free download.

Our budget ice goalie system is 8′ x 15′ for $1,199 or $9.99 per square foot.  The goalie training surface can be expanded to any size using our Budget Ice 2′ x 3′ panels.  The goal crease can not be altered 캔디크러쉬 다운로드.

Goalie System 8' x 15'

Goalie System 8′ x 15′

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