Pricing Information to make any size skating surface

We help each customer make an informed decision:

  • Discuss entire scope of project via phone or email
  • Determine all synthetic ice products needed to complete customer’s request
  • Recommend surface sizes according to the buyer’s specific needs with taking their budget into consideration
  • Discuss sub-floor preparation to ensure their sub-floor is solid, smooth and level
  • Shipping cost is calculated by weight, size and ship to zip code.   We can easily get a shipping quote once we know the SmartRink products needed and your ship to zip code 

For the fastest quotes please have ready the answers to the following questions:

  • What will the synthetic ice surface be used for? Home, hockey, figure skating, recreational?
  • Commercial or residential?
  • Will the synthetic ice rink be indoor or outdoor?
  • What size surface are you interested in?  Need length and width for a quote.
  • What ages will be skating on the surface?
  • What do you have for a subfloor?  concrete, asphalt, basement, plywood, etc.  Subfloors need to be solid, level & smooth.
  • Do you need hockey boards?
  • Timeline of project?

These answers help determine which product is best for your installation and guarantee you receive the best SmartRink product for the best price.

Synthetic Ice USA has 20 years of experience consulting with customers to ensure the customer has knowledge of all aspects of synthetic ice so that they can make an informed decision.  We look forward to your call or email to discuss your project. 

For current pricing or to discuss your project, call us at 855.461.7465 or
email us by clicking on the Contact Us Tab!