Synthetic ice products
by Smartrink

All our skating surfaces are quick and easy to set-up for community recreation, hockey or figure skating practice or training centers! There is really no limit to the size or shape of your rink project!

Budget Ice
Extruded HDPE

SmartRink SmartSkate Synthetic Ice
Sinter Pressed VHMWPE

SmartRink ProFast-8 Synthetic Ice
Sinter Pressed VHMWPE

SmartRink ProFast-15 Synthetic Ice
Sinter Pressed VHMWPE

SmartRink ProFast-18 Synthetic Ice
Sinter Pressed VHMWPE

SmartRink 8' x 15' Goalie Training System
Can be added to 15' end

Extruded vs. Sinter Pressed:

SmartRink ProFast series uses a sinter pressed process and most of the other products on the market use a poorer performing and less durable polymer resin with an extruded process. The result of using a higher end finer polymer resin in combination with a sinter pressed process is a superb glide and excellent speed, and vastly improved durability, which allows the beginner or experienced skater to enjoy their skating experience.

ProFast Series:

ProFast series is designed for both small home rinks or large commercial outdoor or indoor facilities. The strong, seamless connection design ensures a tight connection that allows for proper expansion and contraction for a full-size NHL synthetic ice rink with goal creases, face-off dots and lines

SmartRink Synthetic Ice:

Easy Assembly

Panels are smaller and lighter for quick assembly by one person

Save Delivery

Shipping costs are reduced and the smaller size simplifies delivery


Great for affordable home skating, designed to go together and stay together

In & Outdoor

Indoor or outdoor on any solid surface (cement, wood, plywood, etc)

The best Glide

Strong, seamless panel connection ensure uninterrupted glide

Ideal Choice

SmartRink is the highest quality ice skating surface on the market

Built Solid

Solid core surface available in various thicknesses and connections

Infused Panels

Infused panels save you the cost of using additional skate enhancers

Glide & Durability performance chart

Based on 4 strides, then glide:
140 foot glide
100 foot glide
Extruded (HMWPE)
75 foot glide