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Rent a SmartRink synthetic ice rink for your next special event!

M&M Meats Event

Stage in Ottawa

Venetian Rink

Christmas Party

Marina Bay Resort

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Synthetic Ice Setup

Stage in Ottawa

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On-ice instruction

Need help creating an unforgetable event for:

  • PICTURES: Free up valuable ice time for Figure Skating & Hockey association team pictures & individual pictures
  • Shopping Malls
  • Holiday Festivals
  • Corporate Events
  • Fundraising Events – charge skaters for public skating & skate rental
  • Christmas in July Event
  • Unique RAFFLE: use rink for special event and raffle the rink when done with event (would need pre-sale tickets to cover cost of rink)
  • Private Parties – home or commercial
  • High School Events (PTA/PTO)
  • College events

ROI Example with 19.5′ x 39′ SmartRink ProFast8000-SG Skating Surface & Pro-wall Hockey Boards

72 panels – 3.25′ x 3.25′ x 5/16″
Return on Investment after 60 Days:
200% ROI

2x ROI in 60 days (100 skaters /day)

300% ROI

3x ROI in 60 days (150 skaters /day)

400% ROI

4x ROI in 60 days (200 skaters /day)

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