ProFast1800-SG Smart Glide panels

ProFast1800 panel & connectors
ProFast1800 panel & connectors

ProFast1800-SG uses Very High Molecular Weight Pe, sinter pressed and then machined to exacting standards. Both INFUSED GLIDE plus dry SLIP additives are combined with a premium grade very fine resin material and then SINTER PRESSED resulting in the longest glide, and the highest overall performance panel on the market today. But it’s more than just the fastest skating material on the market today, it also has the strongest joint connection system in the industry – backed by tests results. All ProFast products by SmartRink are treated for UV and can be used outdoors. All SmartRink skating products can be used for hockey, figure skating, fundraisers, events or recreation purposes. Although the products are versatile there are applications to which they are better suited. If you are uncertain about which product to use please contact us for professional assistance and recommendations.

SmartRink synthetic ice offers year-round skating for a fraction of the capital and operating cost of mechanical ice systems.

Ideal Application:
This “heavy duty” commercial panel is ideal for large surface construction intended for high traffic and can withstand significant forces due to directional weight, severe climate or temperature change. This product is well suited to both high traffic recreational use and competitive use. Rinks using these panels can be customized to include solid, connected lines and markings for hockey games including NHL or IIHF creases.

This product would be an ideal replacement for costly mechanical ice making or become a great substitute for cash strapped communities that still want to offer their community a high quality skating surface without the substantial ongoing cost to the community.

Material: VHMWPe Sinter Pressed / Glide Infused

Dimensions: 3.28′ x 2.46′ x .708″ or 1000mm x 750mm x 18mm

Weight: each panel is 35.27 lbs. or 16kg.

UV Protected: Yes – and tested to 5 years outside

Connection system: “H-Lock” connection system

Assembly: “H” spline placed between two precision cut panels to hold joint tight both vertically and horizontally. Tested to 3500 pounds.

Warranty: 5 years outdoors and 10 years indoors

Life Expectancy: 30+ years

Shipping: Standard pallet

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