ProFast8000-SG Smart Glide Synthetic Ice

ProFast8000 panels
ProFast8000 panels

Overview: ProFast8000-SG uses Very High Molecular Weight PE, sinter pressed and then machined to exacting standards. Infused GLIDE plus dry SLIP additives are combined with the raw material resulting in the longest glide, and the highest overall performance panel on the market today. All ProFast products by SmartRink are treated for UV and can be used outdoors.

All SmartRink skating surfaces can be used for hockey, figure skating, events, fundraisers or recreation purposes. Although all the products are versatile there are applications to which they are better suited. If you are uncertain about which product to use please contact us.

Lines & Markings: Goalie crease, blue line, red line, goal line available on request.

Performance: Professional series material featuring ICE-Y-BLUE 700™ makes this product 20%-30% faster than other well known brands for the entire life of the panel. Best quality surface that technology has to offer.

Ideal Application: Solid, smooth, level surface such as concrete, plywood or wooden sub-floor. Ideal for both at-home use and small commercial surfaces such as hockey development rinks or figure skating practice surfaces. No special tools are required and anyone can install this surface.  Allowing any size synthetic ice rink to be built inside or outside in extreme temperatures.

Expansion & Contraction: Our panel technology eliminates gaps or buckling during expansion & contraction.

Specifications: Material: VHMWPe Sinter Pressed / Glide Infused

Dimensions: 3.346′ x 3.346′ x 5/16″ or 1020mm x 1020mm x 8mm.  3.28′ or 1000mm center to center connected.

Weight: each panel is 17.6 lbs or 8kg

UV Protected: Yes

Connection System: “SmartSnap” Dovetail

Assembly: Edges have a dovetail joint for joining product together

Warranty: 3 years replacement due to defects or premature wear

Optional: Edge strips available to give the surface a finished look

Life Expectancy: 40 years+

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